What is Profit Jackpot?

This is the latest product release by Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim. You will get 3 money making software programs along with tutorials on internet marketing. By using these 3 software programs you can create content to your website and make money. The three softwares are: article jackpot, video jackpot, and spin jackpot.

The article jackpot software will post articles to your site automatically. You do not need to spend hours going from site to site posting articles. Likewise video jackpost will post videos to your sites automatically. Spin jackpot will spin articles so that you have unique content on your site.

This Proftit Jackpot Review is to show that Profit Jackpot is not a Scam. But this Profit Jackpot is the real deal.

Profit Jackpot Tutorials
The tutorials show you how to setup a wordpress blog and how to monetize off of your website.

Video 1 Profit Jackpot Installation- Shows all Three
Video 2 Basic WordPress Configuration Video
Video 3 Installing and Setting up Free recommended Plugins Instructions
Video 4 Setting up your Google Adsense Campaign

IM Training for Profit Jackpot Members

Profit Jackpot also includes over 12 hours of training divided into 6 modules that covers from picking the right niche to finding the right offer to promote. Here are the details of what each module include.
MODULE 1 The Easy Start Mechanics
Module 1 gives you the basics to start with internet marketing.
Video 1 The Story
Video 2 What is Affiliate Marketing
Video 3 Different Affiliate Business Models
Video 4 What Is List Building
Video 5 Why Start With Clickbank?
Video 6 What You Need Where To Find It

MODULE 2 Finding Gold On The Internet
This module shows you how to find a profitable niche.
Video 1 Picking an EverGreen Niche
Video 2 How To Find Evergreen Audiences
Video 3 Do People Spend $$ In This Niche

Video 4 Are There Enough Products To Promote
Video 5 Finding Products w Good CB Stats
Video 6 Making Sure Content Is Not a Problem

MODULE 3 Creating Your Online ATM Machine
This module shows you how to create an opt in page and monetize off that page.
Video 1 Opt-In Pages, What Why
Video 2 Opt-In Page Examples
Video 3 Mechanics of an Opt-In Page
Video 4 Using Video On Your Opt-In Page
Video 5 Power Words To Use
Video 6 Offering a FREE Report For Conversions
Video 7 What Is An Auto-Responder
Video 8 Your First 10 Day Email Series
Video 9 Days 1 to 5 First 10 Days
Video 10 Days 6 to 10 First 10 Days
Video 11 Track Revenue Repeat Best Promos
Video 12 Content vs. Promos
Video 13 5 Ways To Use Video To Build Relationship

MODULE 4 The Week We Make Money
This module shows different income streams you can monetize off of your site.
Video 1 How To Evaluate Merchants/Products
Video 2 Top Places To Get an Information Product To Promote
Video 3 CPA Offers Where To Find Them
Video 4 Whats EPC
Video 5 The Most Important Element Subject Lines
Video 6 Writing Powerful Email Promotions

MODULE 5 Getting Lots of People To See Your Site
This module shows how to monetize off of your website.
Video 1 Blueprint For Promoting Launches
Video 2 How To Set-up Killer Bonuses
Video 3 What Day To Mail Which Promo?
Video 4 How To Effectively Participate In a Pre-Launch
Video 5 Secret Conversion Technique
Video 6 How to Keep Ahead of the Curve On Launches
Video 7 Article Marketing
Video 8 Traffic From Blog Commenting
Video 9 Forum Marketing
Video 10 Using Solo Ads
Video 11 PPV
Video 12 JV Traffic and AD Swaps
Video 13 Social Media Facebook Marketing!
Video 14 Driving Traffic To Build Your List

MODULE 6: How To Instantly Make 238% More
This module is bonus material to monetize your site.
Video 1 Thank You Page VOODOO
Video 2 Get Paid From Stuff
Video 3 Making Sales From Your FIRST Email
Video 4,5,6 The Affiliate Upsell System

My review.
This product rocks. If you are a beginner and have no clue what you are doing then this product is for you. Anik goes in deep detail so even if you are computer illiterate you can make money online. I highly recommend this product. Go purchase right now!