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If you are reading this, then you must be looking for ways to boost your online income, or even get started if you haven’t yet.

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On visiting the link above you’ll find lots of claims to make 7 figure inncome by using push button software. For people who’ve never witnessed a 10k running balance in their bank account, telling them about might seem a bit far fetched or unachievable.

The question is if affiliate marketing was easy, then why is there need to launch multiple products day in, day out? the truth of the matter is, it’s not as easy as it seems to be. When I started my online business in 2008, I thought it would be easy, but I found myself working very hard to make a dollar. In fact it took me 2 months to make the first $102.93 check.

For me a 100 bucks seemed like the real deal, in fact it felt like I’ve won a lottery. After my first check I sought ways of improving my earnings and that’s when I bought the first Internet Marketing product which taught me how to use leverage to grow business for fast results. Going back to Commission Streamer is it scam, overly-hyped or is it the real deal.

Honestly, it’s hard to draw the line. Here is why: Internet Marketing is hard when getting started it’s like trying to blow air into a tiny balloon, but once you get the first air in.. then adding more as the ballon expands becomes easier. Depending on your level of proficiency, Commission Streamer might be the real deal, For beginners who don’t know html or how to use wordpress, it might take anything from 6 weeks to 6 months to get actual results with commission streamer.

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If concluding if you have the commitment to put in some effort, then COmmission Streamer might be the last training and software package, you’ll ever need in the next couple of years. However, if you are the kind who can’t stick to a plan and execute it then this is not for you.

I’d say, Commission Streamer is like a Brocolli coated with chocolate. So again if you just want to lick the chocolate and throw away the brocolli, then am afraid you won’t go far with Commission Streamer or any other Internet Marketing product. Here is a sneakpeak of what you’ll get in the Members area

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